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According to research, trucking revenues in the US were $676.2 billion in 2016, moving more than 10 billion tons of freight

One must be aware that since the number of logistics companies are increasing in the market, the level of competitiveness will also enhance. It means that the goods need to be delivered within the shortest possible time.

Yet, mobile apps are just more just that. It helps in improving a number of activities like managing the inventory, keeping an eye on the warehouse, supervising the goods carrying vehicles and so on.

The Smarter Way Of Building Custom Apps for Transport & Logistics Business

Our Mobile Application Development Platform reduces time-to-market by using pre-built templates and modules. These templates reuse codes to create apps automatically on iOS, Android, Windows and the Web. Modules are added with a drag and drop approach to create fully-functional apps in short periods of time.

What Kind of Mobile Apps Does Your Logistics Business Need?

By investing in mobile apps, businesses position themselves to better facilitate the flow of goods across the world
Fleet Management
Manage your fleet and improve maintenance to enhance your services
GPS Integration
GPS Integration
Instantly receive information on the location of the vehicle, optimal travel routes etc.
Online Booking
Online Booking
Offer the facility of online booking of parcels or large consignments
Internet Of Things
Internet Of Things
Leverage new technologies like QR- code, RFID and NFC technologies
Automated Billing
Automated Billing
Streamline revenue management to ensure accurate and timely billing
Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard
Quickly and effectively track sales, create and share reports with your team

Drive Your Business Forwards with Custom Apps

Offer expedited, time-sensitive, and end-to-end services for documents, small parcels, large consignments and high-value items
  • Geo-location enables the app to show vehicle movement
  • Connect with drivers/employees/clients via notifications, sms and e-mails
  • Reduce operational costs by huge margins
  • Get rid of all paperwork formalities
  • Helps in managing your fleet appropriately
  • Online booking of cargo and parcel
  • Tracing the cargo through app
  • Easy warehouse management made easy

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