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Visually build your mobile app with 10x speed with required templates and modules

Great UI by default

Offer native-like mobile app experience and responsiveness to your customers

Integrate With all systems

Connect the app to any current system at the click of a button, effortlessly!

Operate on all platforms

Install perfect apps across the Cloud or on-premise, on iOS, Android and Windows, smoothly!

Custom Mobile Apps for the Retail Industry

The Mobile App Maker Delivers Incomparable Retail/E-Commerce Experiences for Mobile and Web

Every retail and e-commerce store needs to integrate a mobile-first strategy to bolster their products as the mobile has become the primary selling channel in the world. Just a great looking mobile app will not sell products anymore. The mobile app must offer full-functionality to customers.

The Mobile App Maker is the fastest growing mobile app development solutions company, creating apps at 10x speed so that businesses can transform at the speed of demand change.

E-Commerce/Retail Apps that Suits Any Workflow

E-commerce App for Retail
E-commerce App for Retail

Provide your customers with best-of-breed functionality with advanced search options, with stunning UI, where the UX is easy-to-use and logic based.

Inventory App
Inventory App

Stores and warehouses that house products are armed with an app, businesses can order, store, track and maintain stocks.

Delivery App
Delivery App

Help customers and business partners schedule pick-up and track delivery with real-time updates. Navigation maps help provide real-time tracking and design routes.

Shelf Management for Brick and Mortar Stores
Shelf Management for Brick and Mortar Stores

Keep a record of all products displayed in the store, barcode scanning, automated category management, and such.

Personalized Services (On-Demand)
Personalized Services (On-Demand)

Share product recommendations based on their search history, allow them to make payments and choose appropriate delivery options.

Employee Management
Employee Management

Allow employees to tag-in and tag-out via the app, keep track of their attendance, leave available, share documents on products and training etc.

Detailed & Fully Customizable Library Of Pre-built Business Modules

Getting your enterprise app development is easy with our Mobile Application Development Platform. We have already developed many functionalities in our prebuilt business modules which we offer organizations with the best practices, well-established business operations & processes, so we can maximize your budget by focusing on the features that are unique to your app. This helps us to build your mobile app at 10x Speed without compromising on quality.
Detailed & Fully Customizable Library Of Pre-built Business ModulesDetailed & Fully Customizable Library Of Pre-built Business Modules
  • Offer unparalleled convenience to the customer to increase sales by up to 70%
  • App personalization increases traffic by offering timely solutions and specific offers, via the app
  • Simplify checkout processes to save your customers’ time, thus, increasing sales by over 30%
  • Integrate from our store that features more than 500 API integration options
Create E-Commerce Apps that Work on Android, iOS and the Web
The retail/ e-commerce industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. From offering personalized content based on predictive analytics to saving costs for businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions, any retail business can now increase its brand value with robust e-commerce solutions.

Why Choose Mobile App Maker For Building Enterprise Grade Mobile Applications


Our app development platform is designed to help you build and deliver better apps faster.

Apps that connect to multi-systems

Connect the app to any current system, network at the touch of a button, seamlessly!

Great UI by default

Offer native-like mobile app experience and responsiveness to your customers

Business Data, Anytime – Anywhere

Extend your business’s value by connecting with hundreds of front-end and back-end tools

Highest Security Standards

Keep entire business related critical data with enterprise-grade firewalls, harmlessly!

Extensible at every level

Streamline the difficulties of increased users and data size for your exponentially growing business

Build once for all platforms

Build flawless apps for all platforms across like on iOS, Android and Windows, effortlessly!

Brings it from workstation to mobile

Experience the power of real-time business data and analytical reports in the palm of your hands.

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