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Install perfect apps across the Cloud or on-premise, on iOS, Android and Windows, smoothly!

Custom Mobile App Development For The Manufacturing Industry

Improve your manufacturing plan's bottom line and save costs by about 70% with The Mobile App Maker mobility solutions

The key factor that defines business-value for your business is how streamlining operations can increase your overall bottom line. A robust mobile app can streamline operations by empowering employees to increase efficiency to an optimal state.

The other factor is the power of a mobile app to cut admin costs, improve data collation and provide real-time analysis, which helps the business make improved decisions, which also saves a lot of time and money.

Robust Mobile Apps for the Manufacturing Industry – Use Cases

Equipment Maintenance
Equipment Maintenance

Schedule maintenance plans, manage the health of all equipment and inform employees/technicians about repair, maintenance, spare parts replacements and such via notifications, direct via the app

Production and Workflow Monitoring
Production and Workflow Monitoring

Automate production for optimized delivery with materials management, space and storage management across various locations, etc.

Share Content
Share Content

Share equipment manuals and catalogs to technicians and sales and marketing teams to improve operations and business

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Keep track of all inventory and get notifications on new orders, managing inventory, shelf life tracking, spare parts inventory and such

Employee Tracking
Employee Tracking

Create work orders and track them to support day-to-day operations to enable centralized management and quality control of your products

Vendor Management
Vendor Management

Manage vendors by capturing quote details, share documents and track shipping/logistics, payments and offer payments, all via one unified app

Detailed & Fully Customizable Library Of Pre-built Business Modules

Getting your enterprise app development is easy with our Mobile Application Development Platform. We have already developed many functionalities in our prebuilt business modules which we offer organizations with the best practices, well-established business operations & processes, so we can maximize your budget by focusing on the features that are unique to your app. This helps us to build your mobile app at 10x Speed without compromising on quality.
Detailed & Fully Customizable Library Of Pre-built Business ModulesDetailed & Fully Customizable Library Of Pre-built Business Modules
  • Save costs by more than 70%
  • Customize your mobile app by integrating from more than 500 API options
  • Improved data collation and get real-time analytics in the palm of your hands
  • Keep track of your machinery with instant notifications in case of lags and regular services, via the app
Enable Digital Transformation with the Mobile App Maker Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, and the Web
The Mobile App Maker has first-hand knowledge of what the manufacturing industry requires for digital transformation to take full effect. With the Mobile App Maker mobile app development services, you can transform your manufacturing business to a smart business by eliminating silos and making sure that your concern works as one unified unit.

Why Choose Mobile App Maker For Building Enterprise Grade Mobile Applications


Our app development platform is designed to help you build and deliver better apps faster.

Apps that connect to multi-systems

Connect the app to any current system, network at the touch of a button, seamlessly!

Great UI by default

Offer native-like mobile app experience and responsiveness to your customers

Business Data, Anytime – Anywhere

Extend your business’s value by connecting with hundreds of front-end and back-end tools

Highest Security Standards

Keep entire business related critical data with enterprise-grade firewalls, harmlessly!

Extensible at every level

Streamline the difficulties of increased users and data size for your exponentially growing business

Build once for all platforms

Build flawless apps for all platforms across like on iOS, Android and Windows, effortlessly!

Brings it from workstation to mobile

Experience the power of real-time business data and analytical reports in the palm of your hands.

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