Building Mobile Apps for Transportation Industry for Android, IOS & Web In No Time

Get feature-reach mobile app for your fleet. Receive orders, track vehicles, and stay up-to-date ​with our custom-built transport and logistics mobile application. Our holistic approach enables you to simplify complex and highly challenging transport and logistics business processes.
‘Drag-And-Drop’ Process for Faster Development
Create Apps for All Platform
Easier & Endless Customization Than You Ever Imagined
Interactive and Flowless UX
Pixel-Perfect UI Designs
Secure & Scalable
Connects Instantly with Any System

Building Secure & Scalable Mobility Solution for Transportation Industry

Our custom-made mobile apps for transportation & logistics business offer a unique digital platform that enables to track vehicles and the cargo in real-time which makes it possible to track an individual parcel on a meter-by-meter, second-by-second resulting in improving timely delivery & complete customer satisfaction.
Fleet Management System
Minimize risks that come with vehicle investment, reduce transportation and employee overheads, improve efficiency and productivity
Asset Tracking
Track all your shipments in real-time and on a digital map with integrations such as GPS
Create and Modify App Schedules
Manage employee app schedules and avoid mix-ups. With a custom app, drivers and technicians can simply check in via the app
Reduce the Paperwork Burden
Segregate app digital paperwork based on specificity or chronology of importance to streamline materials loading and handover
Self-Assist Apps
Every vehicle needs a thorough examination before hitting the road. Create custom checklists based on employee job profile to reduce risks. Provide emergency contact details and such.
Warehousing App
All materials have a shelf life and need storage. Manage storage inventory on the mobile app and accelerate your response to changing business needs

Custom Mobile Apps for Transport Industry, Build It 10x FAST

The custom mobile app for healthcare not only provide highly advanced supply chain management solutions but also allow to optimize dispatch operation, inventory management, record keeping, tracking goods & performing inspections from anywhere, anytime.

Our customized advanced transportation and logistics solutions integrate the core aspects of your business with cutting-edge technology to allow business executive gain full control over your business processes.

Improve your business’s supply chain workflow, easily track all vehicles in real-time, and experience instant communication with your employees. Reduce paperwork to a minimum with digital form fills, submissions and easy access to documents.

  • Pre-built Business Modules
  • Pre-built Technology Components
  • Cross-platform Technology
  • In Build UI/UX Design Studio
  • Pre-built Connectors
  • Enterprise Administration Backend
  • In Built Communication Framework
  • Enterprise Security and Infrastructure Framework
Build Feature-Loaded App for Transport Companies That Works On iOS, Android & The Web
We are ready for your unique supply chain management processes. Our mobile app development platform creates apps and workflows that are 100% custom for your unique business needs. 90% of the apps & workflows development happen through automation while the remaining 10% business layer customization unique to your business, to bring the app and workflow together.

Reimagine Your Transport Business. Managing Shipments Was Not So EASY Before.

Transform at the speed of your business with mobility solutions for transportation and logistics – a broad range of solutions including Fleet Management, Asset Management, MRO, passenger travel and onboarding, and more. Our mobile app empowers transport companies to work smarter, spend better, and get returns faster while complying with industry best practices.

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