Creating Intelligent Mobile Apps at 10X Speed for the Finance Industry

Want to create a custom investment app? Or for insurance or stock trading? Or a unified solution with all of the above? No matter your requirement, the Mobile App Maker has the perfect custom solution to your banking and finance needs. Develop mobile apps that offer unique, personalized and automated experiences to your customers and employees alike.
‘Drag-And-Drop’ Process for Faster Development
Create Apps for All Platform
Connects Instantly with Any System
Easier & Endless Customization Than You Ever Imagined
Interactive and Flawless UX
Pixel-Perfect UI Designs
Secure & Scalable

High Returns – Low Investment. That’s What the Mobile App Maker Delivers

Tap into the Cloud to get access to all data and analytics, stored behind the most secure technology. The Mobile App Maker’s automated platform creates apps using pre-built elements to speed up app delivery by up to 10 times. Our deep library of pre-built business modules offer more than 30 verticals app options. Make your choice and customize the app to suit your unique ecosystem.
Business Intelligence App
Collate all data and view analytics based on specific requirements to reduce risks and to understand your customer even at a granular level
Customer Service App
Connect with your customers instantly to share content like documents, policy changes, blogs, offers and promotions
Secure Payments
With integrated secure mobile payment gateways, your customers can transfer and receive payments via the app
Insurance Module App
Develop a multi-purpose insurance app that offers intuitive user experience to customers, business partners, and agents
Investments Mobile App
Apart from core investment features, offer value-add services like portfolio management, performance reporting, and financial advice services
Banking App
Develop Banking and Financial Services (BFS) apps that offer secure services to drive business with future-proof mobility solutions

Future-Proof Apps Made on an Automated Platform for the Finance Industry

With finance apps from the Mobile App Maker, your business can minimize manual entry, store and access all data online, link various legacy and internal systems, and monetize the app for personalized services.

Create a single app for customers for various financial services like insurance, stock markets, and investments, accounting, tax savings, and payment, or secure banking apps. Additionally, you could create a culmination of a few or more of these apps to extend your offerings, to improve business opportunities.

With the Mobile App Maker’s apps for financial services, give your customers a number of financial services in one app, which offer personalized services based on customer preferences.

  • Pre-built Business Modules
  • Pre-built Technology Components
  • Cross-platform Technology
  • In Build UI/UX Design Studio
  • Pre-built Connectors
  • Enterprise Administration Backend
  • In Built Communication Framework
  • Enterprise Security and Infrastructure Framework
Build Feature-Loaded Finance Apps That Work On iOS, Android & the Web
We are ready for your unique financial idea. Our mobile app development platform creates apps and workflows that are 100% custom for your unique business needs. 90% of the apps & workflows development happen through automation while the remaining 10% business layer customization unique to your business, to bring the app and workflow together.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Fully-Customized Finance Apps

Why develop custom finance apps for your business with the Mobile App Maker? The platform develops and deploys custom finance apps in days or weeks (short time-to-market; average – 6-8 weeks), automated process translates to bug-free development and affordability, integrate to a range of third-party software from more than 500 options, best-in-class security, a scalable infrastructure and post-deployment maintenance and upgrades.

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