Automate Backend and Sales Processes with Mobile Apps That Work on All Devices

Our custom mobile app development platform is creating waves in the automotive industry. Leverage new technologies and help customers and business partners journey back into the fast lane.
‘Drag-And-Drop’ Process for Faster Development
Create Apps for All Platform
Easier & Endless Customization Than You Ever Imagined
Interactive and Flawless UX
Pixel-Perfect UI Designs
Secure & Scalable
Connects Instantly with Any System

Partner with the Most Affordable & Reliable Mobile App Development Platform – Use Cases

With traditional app development, creating fully-custom mobile apps can be an arduous task, stretching time and costs. On our automated platform, solve individual problems with tailor-made solutions that are affordable, scalable and secure. And featuring stunning UI/UX, your customers will turn to you time and again.
Manufacturing Automation
Automate all your production machinery with automation to improve productivity
Dashboards with Granular Reporting Engine
Gain full control of your automated process with real-time data collation and real-time analytics to improve decision-making
Sales Order Mobile App
Your sales personnel can request for a specific vehicle delivery and get information on delivery time, dates and such
Manufacturers and distributors can get quotes, search for specific spare parts and track orders on the app
Vehicle Maintenance
Your customers can schedule vehicle maintenance, schedule pick-up, and drop service, provide feedback and reviews, get invoices and make payments via the app
Logistics and Transportation
Monitor transport vehicle location and automate a paperless consignment process, while reducing logistics costs

Increase Revenue With Smart Automobile Apps

Increase customer conversion by over 150% and retention rates by over 20%. With robust mobile apps that feature an Enterprise Administration Backend with a granular reporting engine, understand exactly what your customers want.

Technology-driven automotive solutions are the new revolution that is helping businesses deliver better products/services to their customers and business partners. With our custom-made mobile apps, automotive concerns can modernize their processes with instant system integration solutions and modernize legacy systems.

The Mobile App Maker has years of experiences and expertise in understanding all the bells and whistles of delivering industry-best and enterprise-worthy automotive business solutions.

  • Pre-built Business Modules
  • Pre-built Technology Components
  • Cross-platform Technology
  • In Build UI/UX Design Studio
  • Pre-built Connectors
  • Enterprise Administration Backend
  • In Built Communication Framework
  • Enterprise Security and Infrastructure Framework
Build Feature-Loaded Apps for the Automotive Industry That Work On iOS, Android & the Web
We are ready for your unique automotive ideas. Our mobile app development platform creates apps and workflows that are 100% custom-made for your unique business needs. 90% of the apps & workflows development happen through automation while the remaining 10% business layer customization unique to your business, to bring the app and workflow together.

Automate Your Business and Provide Your Customers with Convenient and Modern Services

The Mobile App Maker’s automated process integrates all apps with a security infrastructure and a scalable framework. Unlike traditional app development, the automated platform does not need to integrate every app with security features and required technology components. Featuring options of more than 500 pre-built technology components, customer-centric apps are made in days or weeks and not months.

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