Drive Patient Acquisition, Satisfaction and Retention

High patient experience ratings reflect 2.6x higher profits

Surgeries account for 60% of hospital revenues, making a proactive mobile strategy critical to reducing the 60% of same-day cancellations and 42% of re-admissions deemed preventable.

With general and surgery-specific perioperative apps tailored to your surgical workflows, you can reduce same-day cancellations by 39.4% and reduce 30-day preventable readmissions by 6.8%.

The Smarter Way Of Building Custom Apps for Healthcare Services

Our Mobile Application Development Platform reduces time-to-market by using pre-built templates and modules. These templates reuse codes to create apps automatically on iOS, Android, Windows and the Web. Modules are added with a drag and drop approach to create fully-functional apps in short periods of time.

What Kind of Mobile Apps Does Your Healthcare Business Need?

Wait-time estimates improve satisfaction by up to 50 percent, while remote scheduling and check-in reduces overall registration time by 68 percent
Hospital Apps
Hospital Apps
A mobile app can provide critical information, services provided, wait times, etc.
Doctor Referral
Doctor Referral
Provide a quick and easy referral process and strengthen physician relationships at your facility
Prescription Apps
Prescription Apps
An app for medication compliance and tracking designed to help individuals
Employee Self Service
Employee Self Service
Reduce payroll and administrative costs while improving productivity and satisfaction
The app with the electronic signature feature is the fastest way to get documents signed
Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard
Monitor customer preferences and understand demands with real-time analytics

Change the Future of Your Healthcare Business Forever

Let patients monitor their health, thereby letting them make their doctors’ jobs easier while still giving them accurate and quick access to vital data
  • Save the patient’s and doctor’s time with mobile communication
  • Drastically increasing patient safety
  • Customers can create records of medical issues/surgeries etc.
  • Automate billing and offer secure payment gateways
  • Customers/Doctors can schedule/reschedule appointments
  • Get reminders by way of notifications, e-mail and SMS
  • Manage your staff and improve equipment maintenance
  • Map view to help with optimum routes to a hospital

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