Start Selling More Today with Custom E-commerce & Retail Apps That Work on All Devices

Featuring mobile apps with stunning UI and logic-driven UX, develop and deploy mobile-centric apps tailor-made to your unique requirements. Offers features such as secure payment gateways, product catalog and advanced search, personalized advertising, and employee management - all in one unified application.
‘Drag-And-Drop’ Process for Faster Development
Create Apps for All Platform
Easier & Endless Customization Than You Ever Imagined
Interactive and Flawless UX
Pixel-Perfect UI Designs
Secure & Scalable
Connects Instantly with Any System

E-commerce Solutions for All Types of Retail Businesses – Use Cases

Your customers are online and increasingly their smartphones for shopping. Shift from the physical to the digital and revolutionize your business. Whether your product falls under clothing, electronics, furniture or otherwise, the Mobile App Maker will develop and deploy affordable and robust mobile apps in days or weeks.
E-commerce App for Retail
Provide your customers with best-of-breed functionality with advanced search options, with stunning UI, where the UX is easy-to-use and logic based.
Inventory App
Stores and warehouses that house products are armed with an app, businesses can order, store, track and maintain stocks.
Delivery App
Help customers and business partners schedule pick-up and track delivery with real-time updates. Navigation maps help provide real-time tracking and design routes.
Shelf Management for Brick and Mortar Stores
Keep a record of all products displayed in the store, barcode scanning, automated category management, and such.
Personalized Services (On-Demand)
Share product recommendations based on their search history, allow them to make payments and choose appropriate delivery options.
Employee Management
Allow employees to tag-in and tag-out via the app, keep track of their attendance, leave available, share documents on products and training etc.

Leverage New Technologies Of E-Commerce Business An Automated App Maker Platform

Empower your customer with information on their fingertips so that they can boost your sales and connect with your business seamlessly through the app.

Every retail and e-commerce store needs to integrate a mobile-first strategy to bolster their products as the mobile has become the primary selling channel in the world. Just a great looking mobile app will not sell products anymore. The mobile app must offer full-functionality to customers.

The Mobile App Maker is the fastest growing mobile app development solutions company, creating apps at 10x speed so that businesses can transform at the speed of demand change.

  • Pre-built Business Modules
  • Pre-built Technology Components
  • Cross-platform Technology
  • In Build UI/UX Design Studio
  • Pre-built Connectors
  • Enterprise Administration Backend
  • In Built Communication Framework
  • Enterprise Security and Infrastructure Framework
Build Feature-Loaded E-commerce & Retail Apps That Work on iOS, Android & the Web
We are ready for your unique e-commerce and retail idea. Our mobile app development platform creates apps and workflows that are 100% custom for your unique business needs. 90% of the apps & workflows development happen through automation while the remaining 10% business layer customization unique to your business, to bring the app and workflow together.

Give Your Brand the Visibility it Deserves with Reliable Mobile Apps

With rising demand for e-commerce and retails solutions, the Mobile App Maker offers the perfect solutions by developing and delivering custom mobile apps at affordable costs and at rapid speed. Retail process automation, system integration and leveraging new technology will revolutionize your business to deliver at optimal capacity.

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